Wild tracks

I’m Greig Stevens, a sound designer interested in soundscape ecology which has fascinated me since completing my creative research project Odyssey (2017). This project successfully concluded my M.A. in creative media practice award (distinction) from the University of the West of Scotland and was recently exhibited at the Museo Joyce Museum in Trieste, Italy (2018). 

I hold a B.A. from Central Saint Martins where I studied fine art painting and was employed by the BBC and later by The New York Times as a creative director. Recently, I have recorded sound, edited and designed soundtracks on films, documentaries, and podcasts.

I’m a member of the National Union of Journalists and the Wildlife Sound Recording Society and am currently based in Dublin and Geneva.

My audiovisual project Odyssey (2017) has formed the basis for further research into soundscape ecology and was recently exhibited at the Museo Joyce Museum, Trieste, in Italy (2018)

Odyssey (2017) was my first recording project exploring the soundscapes of Dublin. A limited series of vinyl records was pressed, now held by the University of the West of Scotland and a few collectors who are interested in sound art